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Man & Van Guide

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Are you not familiar with the term Man and Van service? It is a service which is provided by the skip companies that helps you in disposing your unwanted waste. A lorry will arrive at your place with a man and will assist you in the removal of unwanted items, furniture, electrical appliance or items which are hazardous to put in a skip because they need special disposing method. The lorry will then carry your waste to the waste disposal station and your waste will be disposed in an eco-friendly manner. It will be very convenient if your items will be categorized, it will make sure that your items are placed in the right category for the recycling process.


You may need a man and van service for the disposal of your trash in the following situations:

  • If you’re not willing to hire whole skip and have small amount of trash that
    needs to be removed. Then man and van service will be the most
    convenient option for you.
  • Man and van service can give you helpful hand during renovation and
    construction projects to get rid of the unwanted waste such as broken tiles
    or plaster etc.
  • If you have large items to dump or items which are prohibited to put in
    skip, then man and van service is the option for you.
  • If you don’t have enough space at your private property or 50 meters
    ahead from your private property to place a skip then you can hire a man
    and van service to get rid of your unwanted items.
  • Man and van services is very convenient service for commercial areas and
    in this service you can get assisted with the removal of unwanted items for
    example: furniture etc.
  • If you need a helping hand while relocating, you can hire man and van
    service to assist you with the removal of furniture and general household


Man and van service is very convenient service that handle the disposal of various
items including:

General household waste: everyday trash, packaging materials, food
waste, and non-hazardous items.

Furniture: old or unwanted furniture, such as sofas, mattresses, tables,
chairs, or cabinets.

Appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens, and other
household appliances that are no longer needed or in working condition.

Garden waste: grass trimmings, branches, leaves, or plants.

Electronics: old television, computer, printer, and other electronic devices.

Construction rubble (depending on the service): construction rubble such
as bricks, tiles, concrete, wood, and other building materials. It’s important
to confirm about any restrictions they might have.


To ensure a smooth waste removal process without any obstacles, you should
follow the guidelines which are mentioned below:

  • Make sure there is a parking place available at your personal property or
    within 50 meters of your property for the man and van service.
  • Gather and stock your unwanted waste before the arrival of the lorry and
    put at a place where it is easily accessible for the man and van service for
    the collection.
  • Be aware of the hazardous or prohibited items list which the company has
    restricted as they require special disposal methods or additional charges.
  • Tell the accurate size and quantity of your waste to the man and van
    service and if you’re not sure about the size or load that you have, you
    should contact the man and van service provider to avoid any additional
    charges or the situation where the company is not able to remove all your
    waste due to overloading or extra charges.


Keep these guidelines in mind to be well-prepared for the man and van clearance
process easily without any hurdles or obstacles that may occur if you haven’t
ticked the checklist for a smooth man and van service process.

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